Xiaomi smart band 6 NFC features and specifications

We will discuss here the brand new Xiaomi smart band 6 NFC. You will find out here some additional features like this version of the smart band 6 includes with the first time NFC but also it includes Alexa built-in capabilities.

A lot of people were preferring the apple watch but I genuinely see that Xiaomi smart band 6 NFC as its replacement. I have wondered to myself that there could be a device that people can switch the apple watch out for that’s a little bit more unassuming and will allow me to continue to wear a watch on my left wrist.

we have the same specs and dimensions as the original mi smart band 6. It’s including a 1.56 inches AMOLED display and it’s waterproof here which can survive nearly 50 meters under the water.

Features In Xiaomi Smart Band 6 NFC:

Xiaomi smart band 6 NFC

There are a lot of features in Xiaomi smart band 6 NFC like blood oxygen tracking, stress monitoring, heart-rate monitoring, and also sleep tracking.

But in addition of course now you have NFC included. which will mean you’ll be able to use this for google payments as well. The company finally allow their users to make contactless payments outside the country. It’s the first fitness tracker from Xiaomi which is giving us that option.

It’s a really shiny brand new smart band 6 to use and they’ve kind of spruced up the button that pins in little gold chamfered edge next to the standard version but the rest of it pretty much looks the same with all the trackers. All the sensors are in the same spot as in the previous model.

I think it’s the best time for smart band lovers to go ahead and take off their apple watches and go and try on the Xiaomi smart band 6 NFC.

It’s sleek and of course, the band is super comfortable and we have that nice gold accent here on the edge and all the features of this are the same as the smart band 6.

Amazon Alexa Support:

Other than NFC there is another amazing feature that I want to highlight that we have amazon Alexa support here which expands experience for smart home owners. You can turn on and turn off smart bulbs, smart plugs, smart cameras, and several other smart home devices that are Alexa-compatible with the new Xiaomi smart band 6 NFC.

I think it’s a great feature to be able to use your smart band with your Alexa products and be able to have them fully integrated with the experience. That is a very nifty feature and if you are an Alexa household and you wanted to have a cheap easy way to control all your smart home products on the go. I think this Xiaomi smart band 6 NFC is delivering the goods here for an integrated Alexa experience.

There is no built-in GPS here, but connected GPS is available in that band which is not providing a good experience here otherwise everything is fine here.

If you want to give proper answering to the messages which come to the Xiaomi band from the bracelet itself, you just have to update both the smart band and the mi fit application to the latest version. And ultimately you know that this is an amazing product from Xiaomi and because it’s an upgraded version of mi band 6 so definitely, there is some difference in prices but let’s just say if you’re going to find any other smart band that has more features and just offers more capabilities for that price than it’s not happening.