Techno Camon 18 Premier (An Interesting Device)

Techno Camon 18 Premier Details:

This review is going to be focused more on experience with the device techno camon 18 premier. SO far, it’s software and heights cameras have held up lived up to expectations. One thing that remains peculiar about the camon 18 premiere is its design. It remains one of the best-looking smartphones. We only get it in two colors that are the vast sky and polar knight. The fingerprint scanner on the camon 18 premiere is side-mounted and so far, you’ve had no issues using it. You find it fast and accurate 99% of the time.

Another feature that makes the techno camon 18 premier an interesting device is its amuled display. Before they come on 18 premiere the last time you saw an amoled display on a techno device was the camon 12 pro. So, this was a much-needed improvement. It is not the brightest amoled display at this price. But it is short bright enough for outdoor use. The colors are vibrant and it’s a lovely display for media consumption.

This comes with just a bottom-firing mono speaker which is not bad by the way. But its competitors come with stereo speakers in this range. And even the common 17 pro its predecessor also has stereo speakers.

Display Quality:

techno camon 18 premier
Techno camon 18 premier

The techno camon 18 premier display supports a high refresh rate of 120 hertz which makes operating the device quite smooth and enjoyable. The animations are noticeably smooth and lag-free when scrolling for the best battery life. You can set it back to 60hz and the device will work just fine.

But once you experience that 120hz going back to 60hz might seem just a bit slower. The battery life at five thousand milliamp hour is plenty sufficient to run the device at 120 hertz. Still, you get a full day of use that is depending on how you use your device. The size of the commodity in the premiere is noticeably smaller. When compared to the previous generations this one is 6.7 inches.

While the last two generations were 6.8 and 6.5 inches respectively. The techno camon 18 premier squared design language gives it this premium look the frame is not too flat. So, it can’t stand on its own like the iPhone. The techno camon 18 premiere is one of the very few smartphones at its price point with the best offering. When it comes to ram and storage it packs 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of internal storage. You can also expand with a micro-SD card up to one terabyte.

Now that gives you pretty much more than enough storage you should ever need for a smartphone. Its multitasking ability is not deficient in any capacity. It is not a laggy phone nor does it struggle to run any application.

Hi-OS Version 8:

The technical management runs on android 11 and techno’s hi-OS version 8. A newly improved version of iOS reduces the aggressiveness of ads. And adds a couple of interesting new features. The ads are not 100 percent absent but you are easily able to disable or block the apps responsible for it.

Bluetooth still occupies some real estate within the Ui but you can uninstall and disable most of them. Techno has also promised a major OS upgrade for the techno camon 18 premier that is android 12. we have no idea when that will come. But we remain hopeful as OS upgrades. Software support is one of the major complaints of most consumers and you’ll be glad to have that sorted iOS 8 is visually improved over the previous version.

Cameras And Processing:

The cameras of the techno camon 18 premier do great with photos. You should be satisfied with this performance. HDR is great and with its zoom capabilities, you can get some good shots. However, you can only go as far as 5x zoom if you want sharp forces anything past that will only get you grainy photos.

The processing is on point. On the selfie cameras, you will get great pictures but HDR processing is absent. Once you switch to portrait mode edge detection is great nonetheless from both pre and selfie portraits. The gamer camera does really well to get stable footage to use it. You need to switch to the ultra-wide camera and enable ultra-steady. You will get great results which should be capped at 1080p. The techno community in the premiere is still not able to shoot past 2k unbolted selfies. So far it is a great device with great performance. You should be pretty satisfied with your purchase.