New Oppo Find X5 Pro Outstanding Features

Oppo find x5 pro is a flagship phone. Oppo has given you a new x5 pro which is the latest withinside the find x series. However, the version is currently in international markets for sale. Oppo has been trying to position itself as a top-class camera phone brand, and the new X5 Pro is the logical next step towards that goal. The Oppo find x5 pro has some flaws, but it’s still a well-rounded premium smartphone. It has a powerful processor, fairly good battery life, and an amazing screen

One of our favorite features is the fast charging, with 80W wired powering. That charges the phone’s battery up in less than half an hour. They’re also a wireless charging of 50 watts, which is one of the fastest cable-less speeds we have ever seen in mobile. We also have to highlight the amazing customization options, like the ability to tweak your fingerprint scanner animation and edge-screen lighting, that Oppo’s Color OS provides. A new feature on the new X5 Pro allows you to add sketches of portrait pictures.

In the software department, we found some issues that the screen wouldn’t rotate when it should have. When asked the message bubbles wouldn’t disappear; notification pop-ups didn’t pop away. Most of these software issues were solved with little effort. But some were quite irksome during use. Thankfully, these are aspects of a phone that can usually be fixed after launch via software update.

Design Language:

The Oppo find x5 pro is a long, thin device that exudes quality, in both appearance and feel. The rear is made from a ceramic material that feels expensive in hand, however, it’s important to notice that this type of phone material doesn’t usually keep up after a drop. Also adorning the back is a boatload of various logos. 

In a few phones, we have seen this type of textual adornment, however, for mobile with such an elegant-looking layout, the text mars the simplistic beauty, cheapening the look a bit. This design has its benefits though. Because each front and back has curved.

Oppo find x5 pro

Display and Resolutions:

There had been preciously zero-worthy display changes since the last-gen Oppo, however, that’s now no longer always a horrible factor since it’s a very good-looking screen. 

Here we have a 6.7-inch AMOLED panel with a ‘punch-hole’ cut-out at the top-left and also curves at the edges of the new phone. The resolution is 1440 x 3216, the refresh rate is 120Hz,1300 nits the max brightness, and 20;9 is the aspect ratio.

That’s a massive listing of specs in oppo find x5 pro, but what does all that mean from a user’s perspective? Well, with top contrast it is the amazing looking display, bold colors, and very high brightness.

Cameras In Oppo Find X5 Pro:

Here is the main camera with 50MP f/1.7. And it’s joined through a 50MP f/2.2 ultrawide snapper with a field view 110-degree. And there is also a 13MP f/2.4 telephoto camera that supports 2x zoom. On last year’s model that’s the same combination. But sans the X3’s microscope camera – a real disgrace due to the fact that’s a capability we definitely miss.

Photos taken on the first two cameras mentioned look great: they’re bright, colorful, and filled with detail. 

On the front of the oppo find x5 pro is a 32MP f/2.4 camera, that is fine, but it’s not the good selfie snapper we’ve ever seen. Images look just a touch washed out compared to a few we’ve taken on different phones. With that said, if you’ve not tested plenty of top-end mobiles as we have, you’ll probably be inspired by the results.

Battery Life:

The phone has a 5,000mAh battery. Still, the oppo find x5 pro regularly saw us through a full day of use. Even if we were on extended photoshoots or scrolling through copious pages of social media. If the device’s battery life is good, then the charging speed is great. There’s 80W wired charging – Oppo says that in 12 minutes this will power the phone from empty to 50%, and we’d concur. We may want to without problems plug the thing in early then make breakfast and have a full day of charge early then the bagel became gone.

There’s also reverse 10W wireless charging. By using your phone as a powering pad you can power up another device. 10W is speedy for this feature, as maximum phones that have it top at 4.5W, however, the feature still isn’t extremely beneficial as it’s wildly power inefficient. You’ll come to be draining far more power from the oppo find x5 pro than the other device will receive.