Comparison Between Android 12 vs Android 13

We will discuss here Android 12 vs Android 13. Basically, Android is an operating system. This operating system was developed by Google and it was developed for touchscreen devices such as phones and tablets. It was developed in 2007 and the first device on which this operating system was used was named HTC Dream which was launched in September 2008. From 2011 to now it is the most selling operating system. After its unbelievable success google started working more on this operating system.

Google provides every year the new update to this operating system with new and enhanced features which is very great. The latest version of this operating system is Android 12 which is working fine on devices with the latest and updated features. The upcoming version of this operating system will soon be on the market with new features. Today we are going to discuss Android 12 vs Android 13 which version is best and which works fine on devices.

Also, we will discuss which new features are coming with android 13 and we will compare them with android 12. After this, we will come to know whether the upcoming version of android is worthless or not. A portion of the highlights is as per the following.

App-Specific Language:

While discussing the Android 12 vs Android 13 which is more exciting firstly we will discuss the new upcoming feature which is App-Specific Language. When we need to switch the app language to another language we used to change the system’s default language but with the android 13 now we will be able to change the language of a specific app. In the upcoming beta update, we will be able to see this feature. Unfortunately, this will be available only for that app that will support this feature.

NFC Payments For Secondary User Profiles:

As you know we are discussing Android 12 vs Android 13 the new upcoming feature which is coming to android 13 is NFC payments for secondary user profiles. NFC payment feature is already available on android 12 and it also allows you to use multiple accounts on one device but it doesn’t allow you to do your payment from the second account due to some security reasons in android 13 this feature will be enhanced we will be able to do contactless payments from multiple accounts. But we can only do the payment on that device that is running android 13.

Android 12 vs Android 13

New API For Nearby Wi-Fi Devices:

In a comparison of Android 12 vs Android 13, the new upcoming feature which is we are going to have is the new API for nearby wifi devices. Because of this feature now we will not need to turn on the location every time. Our device will automatically connect to home devices using the same wifi without turning on the location which will make our devices more secure.

Photo Picker APIs in Android 12 vs Android 13:

In comparison to Android 12 vs Android 13, the new feature that we will see in our device is the new photo picker APIs. this feature will allow us to share media and documents without allowing the permission to see all the media or files on your device which is the best part. It will make our device more secure.  The good news is that this feature will not only available on Android 13 but google is planning to release this feature in android 11 and newer versions by updating the google play system which is very exciting.

Unified Text And Display Size Sliders Page:

Today, Google has announced a new way for users to change the size of their text in Android 13. The update brings about a world where users can select from one single settings page, dubbed Display, and text. This change allows you to adjust the display size and font size at once or separately on your Android device. Which gives you a real-time look at how these two things would work together in an environment that matters most to you. While we are discussing Android 12 vs Android 13 the android 12 doesn’t allow us to have this real-time look.


This is the whole we know about Android 12 vs Android 13. The very exciting features in comparison to android 12 are coming with android 13. We are in the era where we have to do lots of things through electronic devices such as payments so everyone is in concern about his/her privacy. So the android 13 is coming with satisfying features for your privacy.

In android, you will have new and enhanced features related to your privacy. Now you will also be able to use the split-screen feature from your notification bar. You will officially see the android 13 in the market in just a few months. With the Android 13, you will also be able to QR code the scanner from the lock screen. In a comparison of Android 12 vs Android 13, the Android 13 is the best and we prefer you to update your devices to the latest version.