3g Networks Going Away With The Innovation Of 5G Networks

With the innovation of 5G networks, the life of the 3g networks going away and will be over.

3g networks going away and carriers are ready to close them. The major problem is that some devices have not yet upgraded to the networks more than 3G, which means that the devices which are using that network, which doesn’t support VoLTE will not have any services. The VoLTE means Voice over LTE.

AT&T has announced the implementation of a 5G network and due to this, they are also ending the 3G services.

Why 3g Networks Going Away?

The 3G network was first launched in 2002 by Verizon and it has been in the World for the last 20 years. The 5G network was rolling out in 2019 and a lot of companies launched 5G phones this year. There are two main reasons for ending up with that technology.

  1. The Companies want to focus on the new technologies like 4G and 5G instead of wasting money on the maintenance of the previous networks. So that’s why 3g networks going away. 
  2. The second reason is to free up the spectrum of wireless networks. If companies will switch off old technologies the spectrum license allows for new networks.

T-Mobile And Verizon Announcement: 

T-Mobile and Verizon have also declared a statement that they will retire the 3G network technology from next month. The removal of the big network is not going to happen the first time in the World. AT&T had removed the 2G networks before in 2017. At that time it did not affect too much because 99% of the users were using 3G and 4G. But this time the problem is bigger because now there are more than 2.7% of users of the World who are using old technology.

When 3G Will Shut Down?

The starting dates of 3g networks going away were addressed from January 2022 and will continue to shut down slowly throw-out the whole year. Federal Communications Commission has listened to groups and people who are users of 3G technology and they have accepted their comments. The announced shutdown dates for Sprint’s 3G were announced 1stJan, 2022, for sprints was announced on 30th June 2022, and Verizon’s was announced 31st Dec 2022.

3g networks going away

How 3G Phones Will Be Affected?

The old phones will not operate on cellular networks. The 3G phones will also not support any Calls or SMS services. These phones will only work with wireless WIFI for internet and some other works.

Bad News For 3G Technology Cars:

You may be affected by AT&T’s 3G outage if you drive certain Honda, Nissan, or Volvo cars. Brands connected with Verizon, such as Toyota and Lexus, may get additional time: Verizon claims it will turn down 3G service “no later” than December 31. Between March and July, T-Mobile plans to shut down its Sprint and T-Mobile 3g networks going away.

Bentley and Stellantis have recognized that some of their vehicles would be affected, but they have declined to say which models will be affected.

Do You Have 3G Or Not?

The companies are sending alert messages in the form of SMS, Calls or Emails to alert the users of 3G networks. If you have not received any alert then there are some ways to know that you have that old tech or other. You can log in to your mobile account and can recheck it.

The famous devices which are going to close are the following;

  1. iPhone5 or older than iPhone 5 are closing in other words older than iPhone6
  2. Samsung Galaxy S4 or lower than this model

Only Phones Or Other Devices Are Also Closing?

All 3g networks going away whether its mobile phone or any other devices, but we are not sure about the home security systems, for this query, contact your customer support companies to get the information that it will be close or not.

Reversal Good News:

Most of the companies are giving the offer to replace your 3G models with the newer ones, which can be free or with very low costs depending on the company’s criteria or the conditions of your older phones. There is another option of flip phones if you don’t want to change your phone.


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